A Catalogue of Greek Manuscripts

Product Code: BK2599
Acquired by the Bodleian Library since 1916: Excluding those from Holkam Hall

Barbara Crostini Lappin
This illustrated catalogue presents detailed descriptions of nineteen Greek manuscripts acquired individually by the Library, during the twentieth century, and not previously described in any official Bodleian Catalogue. The manuscripts vary widely in date and subject-matter. Some contain new discoveries, such as unpublished passages in a new manuscript of Philippos Monotropos' Dioptra (MS. Gr. th. d. 6), or the Greek translation of three prayers composed of quotations from St. Augustine's Horologion (MS. Gr. liturg. e.8). Each entry contains a detailed description of the manuscript's textual concerns, decoration, and physcial features, and a full bibliography.

This book will interest students of Greek texts (both secular and religious), as well as anyone with an interest in Byzantine and post-Byzantine culture.

ISBN: 9781851240713
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226 pages, 177 x 250 mm
black and white illustrations
ISBN: 978185120713
Publication December 2003

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A Catalogue of Greek Manuscripts


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