Bodleian Treasures Fridge Magnets

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Hand-coloured illustrations of flora and fauna from several regions, brought together in an imagined tropical forest for the Bodleian Library Treasures Exhibition.

Saltwater crocodile, in a book of new and little-known reptiles and amphibians.

Hermann Schlegel, Abbildungen neuer oder unvollstandig bekannter Amphibien

(Dusseldorf, 1837-44). Vet.D6 c.11,pl. I

Resplendent quetzal, found in southern Mexico and Central America.

John Gould, A Monograph of the Trogonidae (London, 1838). CR. D.13

Nodding renealmia (or shell ginger). Found in South East Asis, it grows to a height of three metres.

Robert Thorton, New Illustration of the Sexual System of Carolus von Linnaeus: and the Temple of Flora, or Garden of Nature (London, 1807). Arch. AA a.24, pl. 13

Orangutan, in a history of apes and monkeys.

Jean Baptiste Audebert, Histoire naturelle dessinges et des makis (Paris, 1800). Arch. Nat.hist.E II

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4 Fridge magnets on backing card
Made in Scotland
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