What is Red?

Product Code: BK2832

Suzanne Gottlieb

Illustrated by Vladimir Bobri

Little Jonny ponders the meaning of colours as he explores the landscape. He dips his toes in a blue brook, picks purple flowers, digs brown earth and finds an enormous orange pumpkin. Finally yellow sunlight and the black night show him when it is time to get up and when it is time to go to sleep.

The vibrant primary colours of Vladimir Bobri’s illustrations, together with a simple narrative, which follows the natural rhythm of the seasons, make this a stunning and enduring colours book for young children.

ISBN: 9781851244584

Suzanne Gottlieb was active in many progressive causes and director of an interracial and intercultural summer camp for children from diverse economic backgrounds.

Vladimir Bobri was an author, illustrator and artist, celebrated for his design work. From the 1940s he began to illustrate children’s books, a number of which have now become classics.

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24 pages, 247 x 200 mm
Fully illustrated
ISBN: 9781851244584
Publication November 2016

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