The Book Lovers' Miscellany

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Claire Cock-Starkey

Ever wondered how ink is made? Or what is the bestselling book of all time? Or which are the oldest known books in the world?

Highbrow to lowbrow, all aspects of the book are celebrated and explored in The Book Lovers’ Miscellany. From a list of unfinished novels, a short history of the comic, the story behind Mills and Boon and an entry on books printed with mistakes, to a guide to the colours of Penguin paperback jackets and a list of the most influential academic books of all time.

Between these pages you will discover the history of paper, binding, printing and dust jackets; which books have faced bans; which are the longest established literary families; and which bestsellers were initially rejected. You can explore the output of the most prolific writers and marvel at the youth of the youngest published authors; learn which natural pigments were used to decorate a medieval bible; and what animal is needed for the making of vellum.

The ideal gift for every bibliophile, The Book Lovers’ Miscellany is full of fun facts, potted histories and curious lists, perfect for dipping into and sharing.

ISBN: 9781851244713

Claire Cock-Starkey is a writer and editor of non-fiction books, including Bodleianalia (2016) and Famous Last Words (2016).

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136 pages, 170 x 110 mm
ISBN: 9781851244713
Publication September 2017

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